Our Associates

Commercial Maintenance and Constructions (CMC) was established in 1990 and has been at the fore front of residential design and construction since its inception.

They have completed an impressive array of high end residential and commercial fit out, and new build projects during the last 27 years.

CMC works in close conjunction with a team of Architects, Designers, Engineers and suppliers to bring the ideas of its clients to fruition. They are experts in creating bespoke designs from the materials and concepts their clients bring to the table.

No job is too hard, if it hasn’t been done before, CMC are the builders that can make it happen

Congratulations on your fantastic success Wuup. CMC is proud to be a member of your team.

Phone: 02 4028 9900
Email: office@cmcpl.net.au

Your one-stop sandstone supply and restoration service 

Natural sandstone is a sustainable, durable and eco-friendly resource with a low carbon footprint.

Processing natural sandstone requires up to three times less energy to manufacture, compared with fired bricks, reconstituted stone or concrete modules, giving it outstanding low carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions.

“Sandstone… our earth’s abundant resource… our past, present, and future for residential, commercial and civil construction. A classic!”  –  Albert Kraan

Lowestoft Timbermills harvest and process premium quality Australian hardwood timber, selectively resourced to meet the individual needs of customers.